If you are an employer seeking a candidate with a specific skills set, a seasoned job seeker looking for your next career opportunity, or seeking skills to secure your first job, contact our Business Engagement Services Team (BEST).


As your gateway to advance your workforce expansion and retention strategies, we can:

  • Connect you with our partners to help you develop new talent and upgrade the skills of your current workers,
  • Help you retain talent and become more strategically positioned in the competitive marketplace, and
  • Much, much more.
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Recruitment Services

  • Advertise employment opportunities at Mass JobQuest – Massachusetts’ most reliable Job Bank and applicant database reaching thousands of job seekers daily.
  • Free six-month trial with JobGet
  • Work with BEST for targeted recruitment and pre-screening assistance to identify qualified referrals.
  • Job Fairs, Recruiting/Mass Hiring Events and Specialized Recruitment Services.

Retention & Revenue

  • Training Resources
  • Funds to Support Workforce Development Training
  • Hiring Incentive Training Grants
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits for New Hires
  • WorkSharing

As part of the Mass BizWorks initiative, our staff can connect you services available through our State partner agencies.

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The Commonwealth is providing eligible employers with funding to quickly hire and train new workers – enabling more people to get back to work and meeting workforce needs.

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