Executive Committee

Has all of the powers of the full MCRWB except those which by law or MCRWB by-laws may not be delegated to it. The EC is chaired by the MCRWB Chairperson and includes the chairs of all standing sub-committees, the Central Massachusetts WDA WIOA Administrator, and at least four members appointed by the MCRWB Chairperson. Meets monthly except for months (January, April, July and October) when the full board meets.

Career Center/Adult Career Pathways Committee

Shares suggestions and recommendations to the MCRWB regarding operations of Career Centers and career services offered to adults in the Central Region’s workforce service area. This committee is comprised of the committee chairperson (appointed annually by the MCRWB Chairperson) and members appointed by the chair. Meetings are generally held bi-monthly.

Worcester Jobs Fund Oversight Committee

Ensures that development projects and job expansion efforts in Worcester directly benefit Worcester residents in the form of jobs, job training, and related services by creating a system that better prepares and connects Worcester residents with living-wage jobs. The Committee meets monthly.

Youth Council

Recommends eligible providers of youth activities be awarded grants or contracts on a competitive basis, oversees funded youth activities in the Central Region’s workforce service area, and other initiatives as determined by the members or the MCRWB Chairperson. Meetings are generally held bi-monthly.

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